I was referred to Kaz by a friend who knew I had been suffering with back pain for about ten years. When I came to Kaz I had undergone four spinal epidural steroid injections, years of physical therapy, six months of spinal decompression, weekly visits to a chiropractor and daily doses of too much ibuprofen!

I knew when I first met him that this was going to be different. On my first visit, he spent over an hour getting a complete medical history and just getting to know me. He was not in a hurry. He is very knowledgeable about his craft and I knew I was in good hands. I started seeing him on a bi-weekly basis and, as I got better, on a monthly basis. He has performed Japanese acupuncture on me as well as scraping and cupping. He is also an herbalist and has helped me manage hot flashes, colds and muscle aches.

I don’t have to see Kaz regularly these days. But when something just doesn’t feel right he is the first person I call.
— Susan T.
Kaz is a gifted acupuncturist and healer. I have seen him for musculoskeletal, stress and hormonal issues as well as other specific ailments. I always heal faster and feel so much better overall, not just for what I seek treatment for. He practices acupuncture in an ancient way – making his own needles, growing and wildcrafting his herbs and making tinctures specific for what your body needs. He spends the entire time with you tracking energy in your body and he does not insert the needle so it’s great for anyone who does not like needles. I highly recommend a treatment with Kaz, it’s truly a gift to yourself.
— Diana W.
Kaz is the best, most intuitive health care practitioner I’ve known. He combines expert knowledge of Chinese herbal cures and acupuncture with ‘let’s throw everything at it’ experimentation. Kaz has addressed many of my injuries, including a broken shoulder, with skill and determination to mend, cure, and alleviate pain. I am delighted to know Kaz; to share harvests, mushrooms, tinctures and extractions, and laughter, during a friendship of more than fifteen years.
— Caroline H.
Kaz Wegmuller is a talented acupuncturist with a warm and engaging personality, who brings a valuable scientific background to bear in his diagnoses and whose interest in growing, gathering and preparing a great variety of medicinal herbs brings forth some remarkable handcrafted herbal tonics. He is unfailingly responsive to questions and takes a genuine personal interest in his patients. A very special blend of East and West. Highly recommended.
— John H.
Kaz is an experienced, warm and sensitive practitioner of ancient Chinese medicine and Japanese non-insertion acupuncture. For fifteen years, I have been coming to him with aches, pains, colds and other issues and for periodic energetic tune-ups. I always leave feeling better, calmer and with greater ease.

If you seek hands-on acupuncture in a homey setting from a wise and trustworthy healer, Kaz Wegmuller may be the right acupuncturist for you.
— Maria G., Author and Speaker
I am twenty-three years old and in the last few years I have had multiple issues with my reproductive system, mainly uterine fibroids and very large hemorrhagic ovarian cysts. The hormone therapy I was on made me very sick and nauseous but in the eyes of my doctor the treatment was “working” because my cysts were diminishing. After eight months of being on the horrible hormones I decided to let my system refresh and for the first time since I was fifteen I was not taking hormone-altering birth control. I immediately started going to see Kaz more often and regularly taking Chinese herbs he prescribed. Kaz was the first person that treated my body as a complex system instead of rushing to treat symptoms at the cost of overall wellness. It has been over a year and I have not had a single cyst. I am so insanely grateful for Kaz who inspired me to take an active role in my overall health and seek true wellness. I feel amazing and that is something I truly owe to Kaz!
— Hannah T., Photographer
I have been treating regularly with Kaz since receiving a cancer diagnosis in June 2015. His treatments have helped with the cancer, side effects of chemotherapy and other health issues. I have also benefited from a variety of tinctures, herbs and oils he has recommended, or provided. I attribute my current good health in large part to his skills and knowledge. He is also a great guy and I have learned a lot from talking to him and sharing tea.
— Rosemary R. (It is with great sadness that I report Rosemary has since passed away. She was a great lady with a positive attitude, keen mind, and inquisitive spirit, and I will miss our time together doing acupuncture and drinking tea - KW)
Kaz’s Virus Killer herb formula does what it says on the label: it treats cold and flu. And it does so extremely well!
— Ian B., Musician
I was blessed to receive a gift certificate from a friend for a treatment from Kaz over ten years ago. I am so grateful and over the years have seen Kaz for a variety of issues from TMJ to arthritis and knee pain to overall emotional health and hormonal stability. He is a healer in the true sense of the word!! As a high school Health and Wellness teacher, I asked Kaz to come speak to my students about acupuncture. He proved himself to be a fantastic guest lecturer, giving students the depth and background of his wisdom and knowledge. His engaging and relaxed manner puts students at ease so they can really understand health and healing from a broader perspective than they have often considered. I highly recommend Kaz as a healer, herbalist and engaging lecturer.
— Beth R., Educator