In addition to acupuncture and bodywork, Kaz sometimes incorporates other  therapies into his treatments.  Moxibustion, or moxa, refers to a type of heat therapy in which burning mugwort herb is placed on the body to provide deep penetrating heat.  Scraping, also known as gua sha, is a vigorous technique in which the skin is moistened with oil and then scraped with a tool made out of water buffalo horn, wood, or stone.  Scraping is an excellent therapy for tight painful areas of the back, shoulder, and neck.  It also serves to pinpoint the exact areas that are the most “stagnant” or affected by tightness and impaired circulation.  Those areas tend to turn red or purple when scraped, while healthy neighboring regions just turn a light pink.  Cupping may be applied to the affected parts, using suction to relax muscles and restore proper circulation.  Finally, Kaz may prescribe “homework,” usually consisting of specific stretches, standing postures from martial arts to train the fascia and musculature for whole body integrity, self-massage techniques, and/or dietary changes, depending on the condition being treated.